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The many faces of English language songwriting

TDD have enjoyed a busy start to 2024, doing what we do best - writing fun (and ruinously catchy) songs to teach English as a second language. While many people find January a grey and depressing month, our own Richard and Pandora have been having all of the fun, creating some punchy primary pop for our publishing clients.

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes:

The messy creative desk including the favoured 'rabbit' mug. Here Richard is laying out the bare bones of a composition - he'll go on to add a variety of different instruments and effects, we'll mix and update the track further in post production, plus add some shiny new vocals from one of our awesome singers to turn our song into a poppin' pop masterpiece.

TDD's recording studio manager Pandora crafting a catchy melody, fuelled by decaf tea and the occasional Oreo:

Logic Pro is our software of choice for music production - here Pandora is laying down a guitar track into Logic, before recording demo vocals for her song.

Watch this space for the finished tracks! In the meantime, click the link below to have a listen to some of our favourite educational hits... and get in touch if you have an upcoming song project you need help with.


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