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Shooting ELT Video during Covid

Tom Dick and Debbie have had a really busy summer so far hanging out at our favourite green screen studio in Henley, producing high energy kids music videos for primary ELT – and being made to feel very uncoordinated in comparison to our brilliant child dancers, mini superstars who had all the coolest moves.

Rainbow hues were the order of the day, as our kids needed to stand out against the illustrated backgrounds that would be added post-production.

Clients were able to monitor the shoot remotely via iPad, so that despite Covid restrictions we were still able to work as collaboratively as usual while ensuring we kept everyone safe.

Our choreographer Sophia was as fabulous as always with the kids, who all arrived well-rehearsed having been sent their ‘front and back’ prep videos.

See what Sienna, Melody, Max, Anya and Presley had to say:

We're predicting big things from these young dancers!


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