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Casting & Booking


Critical to a great result is casting and booking the right voices. We know hundreds of voiceover actors including children, foreign language voices, experienced language specialists, and character actors. This means that we can match the right voice to your project and budget.

Script Development


We work closely with publishers, editors and authors.

We are adept in recording and developing your scripts and ideas, and optimising them for the best creative and pedagogical outcome. We offer free production advice, and we love to be involved in the early stages of project development.

Studio Production


We don't just record your script, we make it sound as good as possible. Our experienced engineers and producers are all trained to direct and produce speech productions. We ensure that scripts are perfectly recorded and that actors are produced properly for a really polished performance.

Music & Sound Effects


WIth our team of in house composers we can quickly create or find the right track from our music library to bring your project alive. Our extensive SFX library is directly searchable from your studio session, saving time, and giving you plenty of unique choices.

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