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Bespoke sound design

Here at TDD, we LOVE audio - and we record A LOT of it! But when you're producing literally thousands of audio tracks every year, how do you keep them sounding fresh and varied, and avoid everything starting to sound a bit ... generic? Budget pressures can often mean recording with fewer actors across a script, and this can add to the challenge of maintaining variety across an audio project. So how can we address this?

For us, it's about making our recordings sound as authentic as possible, and one way to achieve that is with a really rich layer of sound design to accompany 'real world' tracks. It's amazing how much some background atmosphere can bring a track to life - but it's so important to select the perfect sounds, and what if you can't find something ready-made in the library that fits the bill?

Rather than going with something that's just 'good enough', our sound engineers will go the extra mile to record something bespoke to ensure that clients' projects benefit from the perfect sound effects that are really believable and lead your ear outside of the recording studio and into the street outside. We think that this extra effort makes all the difference to the finished sound - and it benefits us as we're adding to our (already vast!) sound effects library, so we don't need to charge our clients anything additional for the service. Win/win!

Here's our lovely recording studio manager Pandora in action creating some bespoke sound design - with assistance from office dog and unofficial TDD mascot, Jasmine.

Having fun with bubble wrap...

... and playing with a bouncy ball.

EDIT: No animals were harmed in the making of these sound effects. We can't say the same for the bubble wrap.


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