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We'd like to tell you something about Tom Dick and Debbie that you might not know.

We love it when our publishing clients are tearing their hair out.

When they are staring at an impossible deadline for a big complex project, and all the people  that usually help are mysteriously absent.

When they haven't even got time to brief us.

That's when we know we can be at our best and most helpful!

Because let's face it, everyone loves to be loved.

The other thing you might not know if just how far we have come.

We can anticipate pretty much all of the issues that are going to come up, because we have produced  EVERYTHING DIGITAL for over twenty years.

So we can safely say leave it all with us.

We will take the whole project away from you, working as closely or remotely as you would like, and deliver ALL the components with the following guarantees:

It will be right

It will be on budget

It will be on time

It will be beautiful, both creatively and administratively

So what will we actually do to reassure you that you can trust us?

We will ask the right questions to spec the project in detail.

We will nail down all the subtleties, regional complexities and schedule dependencies that normally keep you awake at night.

We will create an online project tracking system, where you can check in on progress as much as you want (or not), and you can add notes and requests here to keep everything in one place. Good for busy people.

How can we do that?

Because we have done it all before, so we know what's coming: project examples


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