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complete production service

Our complete production service takes care of absolutely everything from start to finish.  We plan with you and ask the right questions to allow us to take all aspects of a project off your hands and safely into ours. 

How It Works:




& Shoot



Adding Creativity

Saving budget

We don't just record your script, we make it as good as possible. We offer input on voice delivery, character accents, music, sound effects and more. Using our experience we can also make production suggestions such as casting the optimum number of actors to help save you money. 


Saving You Time

We know what you want because we've been doing this a long time. We cast the right actors and produce peak performances with 100% accuracy. Our engineers, producers and directors are trained in media production. You can choose to come to the live studio session or Zoom in if needed.

100% Responsibility

With us taking full responsibility you don't have to spend hours checking files and feeding back. If there are ever any errors we pay to correct them. We manage the project online, where you can check progress, and we keep track of your preferences to increase efficiency and cut your costs.

100% Right First Time

100% Responsibility

Online Project Management

Service Includes:
  • Liasing with key project stakeholders

  • Brief and/or script development                       

  • Partnering with authors / editorial consultants

  • Schedule production and management

  • All casting and contracting of actors  

  • Production of recording schedules

  • Attending recording sessions

  • Directing actors 

  • Cross-referencing scripts with PDF proofs

  • Full responsibility for accurate script recording

  • Marking up scripts with queries

  • Marking scripts with info on alternative files

  • All post production editing

  • File supply in your preferred format

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