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You probably already know that Tom Dick and Debbie love photography. We also LOVE new tech - so when we discover something that helps us work faster and smarter, we want to share it.

Over the last year we’ve been asked by lots of our publishing clients whether we can still arrange photo shoots with children in the new era of Covid 19 and social distancing. We’re happy to say that the answer is YES - in fact, the challenges of Covid have opened up new ways of working that have some big benefits for publishers.

So we thought we’d tell you about them.

The problem: How to shoot groups of children working collaboratively on educational projects, when they aren’t able to be within 2 metres of each other…

The solution: Shoot them separately, and use Capture One’s clever overlay tool to comp them all together:

As well as the Covid safety factor, there’s a clear benefit in flexibility of photography pickups and reversions - rather than needing to reshoot everything we can just replace one child if needed. It’s useful too in juggling the availability of our chosen talent if they can’t attend at the same time.

We’ve also needed to minimise the number of people attending shoots - this is important to keep everyone safe, and is a legal requirement in the child performance licence. But our clients still need to be able to collaborate effectively with us in real time and have meaningful input into the content we’re capturing.

Enter the online galleries feature, which allows publishers to monitor the live images as they’re shot, from the comfort of your own home or workplace. The useful photo starring feature is a great time-saver, allowing you to select and rate your favourites in real time as we go along, rather than needing to review all of the images a second time after the shoot.

We predict that these developments in the way we work will continue long after the hoped-for relaxation of social distancing guidelines, as they allow increased efficiency and greater flexibility for our clients, and ultimately the same great results.

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